Kyle’s wife, Hannah’s mom…whats your name again

When I first got married I wasn’t sure how to react to seeing people and being called “oh yea your Kyle’s wife” Honestly it drove me crazy that that was my identifier and when ever we went to conferences or banquets people  didn’t know my name. Now, I understand everyone who has heard of HVMI know who Kyle is and the fact that well he was born into the ministry. But a girl from New who just got married to Kyle didn’t know how to handle it. I wasn’t sure if it was a compliment, if people were trying to be funny or just had no idea who I was. I didn’t know what do so that people would know me as Leah and not just Kyles Wife.
 When Hannah was born another identifier was born as well. Oh your Hannahs mom. This didnt bug me as much since well she is my daughter and I’m pretty darn proud of the little girl I created. But in a sense why didnt being called Hannahs mom affect me as much as Being called Kyle’s wife.
 This weekend we went to a baptism for one of our campers and well I introduced myself to some as Kyle’s wife. It may have taken me oh you know a couple years to get used being called Kyle’s wife and  not really having my own name but, quite honestly I am so proud to be called Kyle’s wife. He is 26 and has accomplished so much in his life. He is the Assistant to the Executive Director,  the director of various other parts of HV. He is a loving husband or works two jobs so that I am able to stay home with Hannah. He is a loving Daddy and strives to make sure Han is okay and is growing up to be a lady.
 So what made the “tides turn” and make me not so crazy that sometimes people don’t know my name. Well its the campers of course it all ties back to them.  This weekend at the baptism we greated our camper who just took a huge leap of faith. Of course he was super excited to see Kyle and gave him a hug but then he turned to me and said Leah. My heart melted. Some campers I’m not sure if they know my name other than the fact that Im married to the greatest guy ever but this camper knew my name without me saying anything. That made me realize that in the 7or so years of being a part of Handi*Camp ( I still have what 19 years to catch up to kyle though) that I’m doing something right and the individuals I work with and love are realizing that I am more than Kyle’s wife I am Leah.
 What is the point of this rambling blog? Just some thoughts that I wanted to get out but, the next time you see me feel free to call me Kyle’s wife, Hannah’s mom, Super Nurse(lol) or Leah. Because I am proud to be called any of those. Oh but feel free to call Kyle Leah’s husband next time you see him 😉


P.S I want to start a Q&A on the blog hopefully once a week depending on if I get questions. You ask the questions and I’ll answer ( as long as they are appropriate) So feel free to ask whatever you want. Favorite color, how I met kyle, where do I see myself in 5 years etc. Leave a comment here, instagram under this post, or email me
See you next Wednesday!

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