The Kindness Project

Since my blog has over 1000 views I thought I would do another entry. I’m still so blown away by all of the love and support for yesterday’s entry. Thank you so much!!

Back to the title of this entry. As Hannahs mom it’s my job to teach her valuable life lessons(and Id like to think I take my job very seriously) on that note it’s my job to teach her kindness. Since she is a missionary kid she knows that everyone is created differently but we still need to love,be kind and pray to/for everyone we meet. I want to go a step further. 
 When I first got pregnant with Hannah I started friendships with a bunch of girls all over the globe who were due around the same time. We all shared this amazing journey together and are still on this journey of motherhood together. Even though we’ve never met, these girls are like family. We’ve shared tears together, joy, laughs you name it. 
  So what does this have to do with the “kindness project.” Well each month I’m going to let Hannah pick out one of the girls names. We will have two boxes one for the moms and one for the babes. She will pick out from each box (small little items) and we will draw a picture and send a letter as well as pray over that mom and babe for the month. I want to teach her to be kind and pray for everyone, even those she’s never met Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with this little project and Hannah will learn from it as well as brighten someone’s day. 

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