Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Wow is it Saturday yet?  This has been one crazy week and really opened up my eyes to how not truthful and hurtful people can be. Two instances where I was lied to this week but two people I trusted. I know I know maybe it’s because I’m pregnant I’m just more sensitive but none the less it’s never nice to be lied to.
 First situation involved my unborn baby. I had the big ultrasound last week where they check the anatomy of the baby and make sure everything looks good. It’s pretty much the ladst time I will see the baby until he/she will be born. Since this baby is a tad stubborn the tech couldn’t get the best pictures of the heart. I get it and I’ll probably have to go back for a second ultrasound no big deal. Well I get a call from my nurse saying that on my report they couldn’t visualize the heart very well (knew that) but since the tech made me walk around,change positions and go to the bathroom and still couldn’t see they would refer me to a specialist. Um what?!?! That never happened. I told my nurse he lied on the report because none of that happened. After a super long emotional day (and an extra free ultrasound) baby’s heart looks perfect and the new tech could see everything. Why in the world did the guy lie causing a pregnant woman more stress and more worry! I’ll never know but I’m glad my doctors and head of radiology are on my side and handled the situation
 Second situation. As cliche as it is I have a hard time making “real life” friends. Maybe it’s because I’m socially awkward who knows. Anyway with each pregnancy I’ve found myself in social media groups with other moms due around the same time. Each woman is amazing and unique and it’s always cool to share our stories and different life viewpoints if that makes sense. Anyway I’m in a new group obviously due in July. There are some girls I’ve grown super close to because of similar life situations. This morning I found out that one of the woman whom I’ve developed a friendship with isn’t excatly who she said she was. I was shocked when I figured this out (I’m not going to go into detail) but my feelings were extremely hurt. I know people can be anything they want behind a computer screen, heck I’m writing this from my private yacht heading to the Bahamas 😉 or from my living watching my two year refuse to keep pants on. I felt quite betrayed and just upset. Maybe I shouldn’t trust people as easily as I have.
 In the end I feel like no matter what people will still hurt others with their words (and actions.) I mean this isn’t the first time I’ve been lied to and I’m sure it won’t be the last. But to the two people whom had  pretty big lies this week I wish them each the best and I could only hope they learn from both situations


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