Life is like a log flume…

…you never know what’s going to happen next. So who else said that in a Forrest Gump voice?  Last night we returned from a wonderful 3 day vacation. One of the highlights of vacation is going on the rides at the boardwalk. Anyone who knows me knows I’m petrified of heights. Like clear elevators give me anxiety. Since becoming a mom somedays my anxiety tips the scale. But, during vacation I went on the log flume again after not going on it for a few years.  This log flume wasn’t like the one I was on before. This had TWO hills meaning I had to go up and down twice. Oh crap. But I wanted to try it anyway. (It was a hot day and the water looked refreshing.). As we sat down (sister in law, myself, father in law) I was getting nervous and wrestled with the thought of jumping out before we got to the tunnel. Unfortunately, I missed my chance, so I had to stay until the ride was over. I felt the ride go up and I closed my eyes and squeezed the handle bars and we went down. Phew! That was the big hill right…wrong! That was the tiny hill. We got to the top of the big hill and I heard my sister in law say. Hey there’s no more water! What?? I opened my eyes to see there was in fact no more water under us, but I looked in the distance and could see the ocean and it was breathtaking and for an instant I forgot that I was about to plunge back down to earth (dramatic I know.) After the ride was finished I felt refreshed and happy that I didn’t back out. 

  How does an amusement ride relate to life? Well in life there are so many up and downs. You can feel so many emotions at onetime. These past few months felt like an amusement park ride that I wanted to get off but I couldn’t. Even at the lowest points I knew that things could only go up and get better and they have. If I didn’t open my eyes on the log flume I would have missed a beautiful view of the ocean. Just like in life I have to keep my eyes open because then I’ll hopefully be able to see what lessons I can learn and what God is trying to tell me through the ups and downs of life. At the time being I still have no idea what God has been trying to telling to me or how these months fit into his plan but I’ll keep my eyes open and I’ll keep looking at what He is trying to say. 
 The next time you’re on a ride don’t forget to take in the views, and the next time your going through the “downs” of life don’t forget to keep your eyes open to see what God is trying to tell you. 

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