Monday Deal Madness

Lately Ive been able to receive products from companies at discounted and even free prices and give my honest opinion. On Mondays (not every Monday) I will share these awesome deals and my honest opinion on certain products.

UKCOCO Phone stand

 Not going to lie at first  I thought seriously its just a lowsy piece of plastic with some tape. But boy was I wrong. This little piece of plastic is the best phone stand I have ever purchased.  There are seven different levels of height as well as a lock in tab. It was so easy to put on my phone and so easy to use. I love that now I can record videos without having to prop my phone up on something and play music the same way. The only downfall is once its on your phone its on your phone. If you want it on a different phone or phone case you would have to buy a new one.

 Patella Knee strap

Lately when I run or bike my one knee always hurts either in the middle or as soon as Im finished my workout. I have tried other braces before and honestly nothing worked. I always ended up coming home putting my knee up out of frustration and icing it. I had high hopes for this product and I am so glad it worked! No Pain! Its extremely comfortable to wear and you adjust it to your specifications so no worries about adjusting it during your workout. I absolutely love this product!

Non Slip Antibacterial Bath Mat Deluxe

I love a good bath Mat. To be honest the floor of any bath or shower really freaks me out. Even in my own house. This Bath mat is great. It has suction cups on the underside that suctions to the floor and it doesnt move when  wet. As far as the mit goes I was worried it would be too thin but, it wasnt. I felt like like it did a great job of scrubbing my skin and all the dead skin cells. * I was given this product for free to give my honest and unbiased opinion*

2 in 1 photo lense

I’m a mom of two little ones so of course I love to take pictures of them and I dont always have my regular camera. This product I wasnt too sure of at first. It has two different lenses, a wide lense, and a macro lense. I love the wide lense It works so much better than I originally thought. The only downside to it is It doesnt fit over my phone case. So If I want to use the clip with the lenses I have to remove my case which gets quite annoying. I do like though that the clip, two lense, and caps come in a little baggie to keep everything together and clean.

Whitening Serum with AC-11

 Some days I love the way my skin looks other days I absolutly hate it, especially since having Saul, I feel like since giving birth my face is very blotchy and uneven. I was given this product to test and i must say after using it twice a day for a few days I can notice a change. My skin feels a lot smoother as well as more even. Im excited to see how much better my skin will look as I use it more. * i was given this product free or a discounted price to give my honest opinion*

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Micrite 3D All Use Anti wrinkle Cream

So I dont have wrinkles (yet) but I am sure this product will come in handy in the near future! But I still wanted to give it a try. I Noticed with this cream it is very lightweight. It doesnt feel like I have a pile of lotion on my face. And there is no scent which I think is an added bonus. A little dab can really cover a good portion of someones face to which is nice. *I was given this product free or at a discounted price to give my honest opinion* To find this cream go to
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Skin Serum

Let me just say this has been my part of my daily routine and I couldnt imagine a day without it! I use a little bit all over my face twice a day and I can really see a difference! Like the other two creams it is lightweight, odorless, and a little bit goes a long way. I feel like when I put makeup on in the morning it goes on better and stays on longer. When I use the cream at night my face feels hydrated and refreshed. I love this! *I was given this product free or at a discounted price to give my honest opinion* Find this product at
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